About Us

Getting to know

Pardaonline is a family owned business designing and providing quality window coverings since 2010. Based in the Mumbai Area, Pardaonline has grown from a small workroom and storefront, serving our local community, to a leading E-commerce specialty company. Pardaonline now provides a wide range of ready-made, made to order and custom products across the country and beyond. From Mumbai to Delhi and everywhere in between Pardaonline has dressed more than 1 million windows across Mumbai.

Quality Over Quantity

In our way of thinking there does not need to be a choice between quality and price. In fact, we are dedicated to the idea that we can deliver superior quality products at phenominally low prices. Since we design, source and produce all of our products ourselves we are in the unique position to keep the quality high and the prices low.

A Different Approach

Because we own our own workrooms, Pardaonline can provide customized products for not much more than you might pay for some Ready Made products. Since we keep many of our fabrics on hand in our workroom they can be crafted to customer specifications, with unique top treatments, special widths, lengths and linings quickly and economically. For this reason many of the custom panels we produce are priced nearly as low as items we keep in stock.

Our Style

Pardaonline is unique in the industry! We have a dedicated team of designers who study the latest in décor, fashion, style and color to keep our designs fresh and on trend. Once our designs have been finalized, we source all of our own fabrics and manufacture them in our own workrooms, allowing us to offer unique, one of a kind products you won’t find anywhere else.